Nemaslug Works!

Have you ever woken up to find that your plants that were perfectly healthy yesterday have been destroyed? Nocturnal slugs were almost certainly to blame. Nemaslug is the answer to these pests, using naturally occuring nematodes one application seeks out and destroys slugs for up to 6 weeks.

  • Kills all common species of small to medium sized slugs
  • Enviromentally friendly treatment
  • Safe for children and pets and easy to use
  • Each pack provides 300,000 nematodes per square metre
  • Six weeks protection per pack
  • Kills slugs underground without mess
  • Works even in very wet conditions when you need protection most, unlike other treatments
  • Available in packs to cover either 40 m2 or 100 m2

Say hello to nemaslug and goodbye to slugs

Don’t let the slugs get the better of you and your garden in 2010. Order your Nemaslug Slug Killer today and keep your garden slug free for 6 weeks with an absolute minimum of effort. With prices starting from just £8.95 can you afford not to protect your plants this year.

You can apply nemaslug once the soil temperature reaches 5oC; from March / April until October, ensuring your plants remain untroubled by slugs for the whole season.

Nemaslug Slug Killer

Buy Nemaslug Today!

Nemaslug Slug Killer 100m2 Cheapest Price: £17.95 Visit Store & Buy
Nemaslug Slug Killer 40m2 Cheapest Price: £8.95 Visit Store & Buy

Nemaslug Slug Killer is a living product, therefore we recommend you keep it in a fridge prior to use and use the entire pack as soon after reciept as possible.

Spring is here

With spring here and summer on its way, now is the perfect time to make that premptive strike against the slugs in your garden. By striking early you can kill the slugs while they're small and more vulnerable to nemaslug. With each treatment providing protection for 6 weeks you'll only need to make three applications to maintain a slug free garden from now until the end of the growing season.